Feeling overwhelmed by scattered customer data across emails and reports? What if there was a central place to track everything?

Over the next few months, we’ll share some behind-the-scenes insights into how we built our flagship product, EIIƎ (End to End) CRM, and highlight its standout features.

Introducing EIIƎ CRM’s Story feature – your internal communication hub for seamless customer interactions. Think of it as a supercharged blog for your CRM!

Here’s how Story streamlines your workflow:

Think of Story as our internal Blog with a twist. It allows users to log notes at all data levels. Whether it’s a customer interaction, a status update, a meeting note, or a reminder, everything is logged in The Story.

  • Log notes & updates on any data point: Add stories to customers, inquiries, or anything else! No more hunting through emails
  • Track progress seamlessly: Update status, add tasks, and set reminders – all within the Story!
  • Never miss a beat: Ensure smooth handovers by keeping detailed records of all interactions, including phone calls

Story becomes your knowledge base:

At first glance, it may seem simple. But this feature is often underestimated. In traditional CRMs, these notes might end up scattered across emails or buried in archived reports. With EIIƎ CRM’s Story, however, every piece of information is centralised and easily accessible.

  • Going on holiday? Your colleagues have all the info they need in the Story log; no email chains are required!
  • Need historical context? Management can easily access past conversations and industry updates
  • Jump between data points: Story lets you navigate connections effortlessly, uncovering the complete picture

From our operations background, we know how crucial it is to have all job-related discussions and information in one place. Story turns what could be mundane logs into a goldmine of data, ensuring seamless continuity and efficient information sharing.

Story might seem simple, but it’s a game-changer! It’s like unearthing a goldmine of customer insights previously hidden in emails.

Ready to see the power of Story in action? Book a free demo today and discover how EIIƎ CRM can transform your customer relationships!


Creating a Story…

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